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.:In the Begining:.
No New PostsAnnouncements3 Topics - 4 Posts
This is were FFVII: {Forbidden}~{Reunion} Announcements will be posted.Led By: Darkmage
29th Dec 15 at 2:15am UTC by wlp
in Redenen voor het kiezen lo...
No New PostsINFO::125 Topics - 146 Posts
All you need to know about Forbidden Reunion is in here. You will find the rules, plot and other information that is needed.Led By: Darkmage
3rd Apr 18 at 9:20am UTC by lisa123
in ERP system form Anegis
No New PostsQ. & A.::4 Topics - 6 Posts
Got a question about the site, have trouble understanding anything? Just post it up here and a staff or member will answer your questions as best they can for you {Guest Friendly} Led By: Darkmage
4th Apr 18 at 6:46pm UTC by lisa123
in Some small marketing tip:)
No New PostsWelcome!2 Topics - 4 Posts
New to FR? Come here and Introduce your selves.Led By: Darkmage
6th Aug 16 at 1:49am UTC by ninestab123
in Hotel Furniture
::Character Info::
No New PostsPending Characters2 Topics - 2 Posts
Post your Character application here using the template providedLed By: Darkmage
17th Feb 08 at 4:23am UTC by Darkmage
in Character List
No New PostsAccepted Characters7 Topics - 13 Posts
All Accpeted Characters will go here.
Sub-Boards: Rejected Characters
Led By: Darkmage
6th Aug 16 at 1:51am UTC by ninestab123
in Clous Sinota
No New PostsBrainwave0 Topics - 0 Posts
Got an idea for a plot for your character/s but need people to help you out or post with you? Then post it up here, this is where you can request plots and people to rp with. Led By: Darkmage
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No New PostsMy life0 Topics - 0 Posts
Keep track of your characters relationships and life in here, post up a journal or a character r/ship chart, cell phone or any other information you think we should know about your character,
Sub-Boards: Character Relationship Charts, Journals, Cell phone
Led By: Darkmage
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No New PostsShin-Ra Headquarters1 Topics - 1 Posts
Since the Shin-Ra building was destroyed they rebuilt it, and remade it their new HQ. Now they are trying to recruit new people to save the world.Led By: Rufus Shinra
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No New Posts7th Heaven2 Topics - 2 Posts
The bar where Tifa works, great for a quiet drink but there has seen been some brawls lately.
Sub-Boards: Strife Orphanage
Led By: Darkmage
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No New PostsThe Streets of Midgar2 Topics - 33 Posts
The Streets of Midgar are busy and dirty, many orphaned children are on the streets once more thanks to another pandemic of Geostigma.Led By: Darkmage
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No New PostsThe Church1 Topics - 1 Posts
The Church where Cloud lived until recently moving back to 7th Heaven. The roof is missing as Cloud fell through the roof all those years ago. Apparently this place has healing qualities.Led By: Darkmage
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No New PostsThe Plaza1 Topics - 1 Posts
The Middle Plaza where Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz previously blew up in their search for Jenova. It has been rebuilt now and looks better than before.Led By: Darkmage
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No New PostsTrain Graveyard1 Topics - 1 Posts
The Old train yard has been nicknamed the Train graveyard by the locals. There are hundreds of old and unused trains that no longer run and sprawled out all over the tracks.Led By: Darkmage
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No New PostsHighway1 Topics - 1 Posts
The Highway that goes around and above Midgar is very fast moving and dangerous to walkers.Led By: Darkmage
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::Outskirts of Midgar::
No New PostsThe Wasteland1 Topics - 1 Posts
This place is where Yazoo and Loz chased Cloud on bikes, it is full of rocks and stones creating a barren area.Led By: Darkmage
17th Feb 08 at 2:05am UTC by Darkmage
in The Wasteland
No New PostsThe Arena3 Topics - 4 Posts
Not too far from Midgar, is a large portion of rocks that face inwards. Shin-Ra transformed this place into an arena and extended the highway to it.
Sub-Boards: Reservations, Shop
Led By: Rufus Shinra
27th Mar 09 at 1:54am UTC by reydaitso
in Still the champ.
::Forbidden Capital Ajit::
No New PostsThe Lake1 Topics - 1 Posts
The lake in Ajit which was used to enslave the children with Geostigma from Midgar, it has a sinister aura about it.Led By: Darkmage
17th Feb 08 at 2:07am UTC by Darkmage
in The Lake
No New PostsA City Forgotten1 Topics - 1 Posts
The ruined Capital's city center. There is nothing here apart from countless derelict buildings in weird shapes.Led By: Darkmage
17th Feb 08 at 2:13am UTC by Darkmage
in A City Forgotten
No New PostsThe Crystal Forest1 Topics - 1 Posts
The Forest in which Cloud rid through to confront Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz who kidnapped the children from Midgar.Led By: Darkmage
17th Feb 08 at 2:09am UTC by Darkmage
in The Crystal Forest
::The World::
No New PostsNiebelheim1 Topics - 1 Posts
Niebelheim, several years ago this place was set ablaze by Sephiroth after finding his true self. It is Cloud and Tifa's hometown. For some reason people act like they never existed.
Sub-Boards: The Mansion
Led By: Darkmage
17th Feb 08 at 2:14am UTC by Darkmage
in Niebelheim
No New PostsWutai1 Topics - 1 Posts
The Village in which Yuffie was born and raised. It is a secret to most and trains the children in the art of the Ninja.Led By: Darkmage
17th Feb 08 at 2:17am UTC by Darkmage
in Wutai
No New PostsNorthern Crater1 Topics - 1 Posts
The Northern Crater where Sephiroth used to be buried. It is desolate now and not much is here, or is there?Led By: Darkmage
17th Feb 08 at 2:18am UTC by Darkmage
in Northern Crater
No New PostsKalm0 Topics - 0 Posts
It is very quiet here, all the towns people usually keep to them selves, but one day it wasn't so quiet...Led By: Darkmage
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No New PostsLucrecia's cave1 Topics - 1 Posts
The cave that one would often find Vincent sitting in front of a mako crystal encased Lucrecia. Its a secluded cave that is only accessible via submarine or gold Chocobo by entering behind the waterfall.Led By: Darkmage
21st Feb 08 at 3:31am UTC by Darkmage
in Lucrecia' Cave
x.Off Topic.x
No New PostsGeneral Talk12 Topics - 65 Posts
Talk about anything hereLed By: Darkmage
9th Apr 18 at 11:31am UTC by marni
in You have to know this company
No New PostsGames10 Topics - 29 Posts
Other games will be talked about here.Led By: Darkmage
6th Aug 16 at 1:46am UTC by ninestab123
in Who are you ?
No New PostsMovies9 Topics - 36 Posts
If you made a movie, or seen a really great movie post it here.
If you have taken a movie off of You Tube, or Google, ETC please give credit to the maker.
Led By: Darkmage
6th Nov 08 at 3:21pm UTC by Darkmage
in Twilight
No New PostsAdvertise12 Topics - 30 Posts
Advertise ONLY Here.
Sub-Boards: Final Fantasy Advertising, Non Final Fantasy Advertising
Led By: Darkmage
6th Aug 16 at 1:45am UTC by ninestab123
in Winterhaven
No New PostsForum Games26 Topics - 126 Posts
You can play any kind of forum games here such as word games, math games etc.Led By: Darkmage
3rd Apr 18 at 9:22am UTC by lisa123
in ERP system form Anegis
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